The four quadrant model of organization change Boddy and Buchanan

The review of the model is based on the book “The Expertise of the Change Agent - Public Performance and Backstage Activity” published in 1992. The model can help you understand the organization’s response to the change you implement. In the model, you have to see yourself as a change agent. This model is a tool that all change agents, often also called project managers, can use in projects. The model consists of four quadrants that classify the nature of change itself seen from the view of the affected individuals.

David Buchanan is Emeritus Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Cranfield University School of Management, and Visiting Professor at Nottingham Business School.  He works freelance as a consultant, speaker, and author, specializing in change management and organization politics.  He has a Doctorate in Organizational Behaviour from Edinburgh University.

Davíd Boddy was a reader in Management Studies at Glasgow University Business School and Head of Department of Management studies. He wrote the best seller “Management: An Introduction”.